A true inspiration ZAINAB ABBASS

 Who says that one who cannot hear well, cannot COMMUNICATE?

Former makeup artist turned sports presenter and television host. Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas was Born in Lahore and graduated from the University of Warwick England.

Deaf from left ear made the world hear her voice.

Zainab Abbas (Image Credits: Twitter @ZAbbasOfficial )

The part that hurts you most gets you high. Zainab Abbas proved that her weakness is her strength.

My mother has insisted me to give an audition for a sports program and then I got selected to host a program for a TV channel. However , her journey was not easy at all.

In her TED Talk, Zainab Abbas revealed what it’s like to be a woman in an industry that is predominated by men. Remembering her old days how she was bullied and mocked. “Reverse swing kya hoti hai?” do you know what is Reverse Swing? a man questioned her when she received an opportunity from a leading news channel. I had a smile on my face as I knew what he was asking about. I answered politely. He was half impressed so to speak and he decided in those five minutes that he would give me chance. That’s how my journey started.”

She cemented her weakness with dedication , commitment and laborious work . She trained herself , master her skills and somewhat learnt how to lip-read. That’s how I fill the gap and overcome my listening flaw.

How beautiful would it sound for a listener to be hearing her voice on a live transmission and knowing the fact that she is the one among with common disabilities but still positioned herself on a platform from where her voice is whispering around the globe, not an inspiration? Damn How??

She watered a new custom of Women’s Empowerment by setting an example that no women can be buzzed off by saying that they are weak in any field. She is the lady with brave heart who stood in between the males commentators and presented Pakistan on an International platform full of her zeal and zest.

She trended a new custom in an area where women were least expected to work. She crossed the boundaries of female restiveness and led a tradition of strong working women. 

Her journey goes on and on .Recently she shared a news on Twitter about her debut on a leading channel Sky Sports.

More power to her! 

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