Arish Fatima Aces MCP Certification

Records are meant to be broken Arish Fatima World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of four has amazed the entire Pakistan for her fabulous and outstanding achievement. At a very young age when kids are involved in toys and games.




MCP Certification

Arish has shown interest in IT. Love for computers was in her genes Arish has caught his father’s attention soon when her father an expert in Information Technology noticed her love for computer science and information tech

Hitting 831 out of 1000 marks In Microsoft Certified Professional exam has shown the performance bar of Arish Fatima and the talent she possesses.

Later her father shared his thoughts about her involvement in computer sciences and IT activities during Covid19 lockdown which caught my attention .So, I facilitated her to fulfil her ambition.

In an interview, Arish Fatima shared her next gigantic target to memorize The HOLY QURAN till the age of 06.

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