Brightness of Universe : Ad-Dhuha

We are going to start a new Chapter of the Holy Qur’an .Chapter # 93 , Surat Ad-Dhuha (Arabic – الضحى‎).Our focus will be on the relation of Surah Ad-Dhuha with rest of the Holy Qur’an. How each verse of Surah Ad-Dhuha is connected with the events that were happened 1500 years ago .How the implication of Surah Ad-Dhuha profoundly valid as off today and has encircled the events until the Day of Judgement.

Historical Background

It is said that the Revelation (wahy) was paused for a while, and Allah’s Messenger was extremely sad. Rasool Allah(SAW) was so sad at the pause of revelation, and the polytheists[those who have belief in many different gods] (i.e. Um Jameel – the wife of Abu Lahab) said; we see that your Master has said goodbye to you (wadda’aka – abandoned you) (qalla’ak – displeased with you). So it is said that this surah was a response to that.

Today we will study Verse # 01 , Chapter # 93 Surah Ad-Dhuha.


By WordNo. of Instances
in The Holy Quran
Meaning  First Placement
in the Holy Quran
Last Placement
in the Holy Quran
وَالضُّحٰى07By the 
Brightness ,  
Verse # 98
Chapter # 07
Verse # 01
Chapter # 93

Allah Subhan O Talah is consoling Rasool Allah(SAW) that as the Sun Rise daily and announce the commencement of the day .O Muhammad you are the Brightness of the entire universe .You are وَالضُّحٰى .

The first placement of the root word ضُحًى is in Verse # 98 Chapter # 07 .In which Allah Subhan O Talah admonishing those who are living in cities (in the gated communities under 24/7 CCTV and intrusion detection surveillance ) that our punishment will not touch them.

Allah Subhan O Talah threatened those who were saying that Revelation (wahy) is paused. Its an answer to Um Jameel – the wife of Abu Lahab also .Do not think that I will not address your mockery and comments that you pass on to Rasool Allah(SAW)

اَوَاَمِنَ اَهْلُ الْقُرٰٓي اَنْ يَّاْتِيَهُمْ بَاْسُنَا ضُحًى وَّهُمْ يَلْعَبُوْنَ

Or did the people of the cities feel secure from Our punishment coming to them in the morning while they were at play?

Allah Subhan O Talah revealed a complete Chapter # 111 – Surat-ul-Tabbatt in which Allah Subhan O Talah categorically mention Abu Lahab and his wife . How Allah Subhan O Talah treated them.

The last placement of the word وَالضُّحٰى is Verse # 01 Chapter # 93 in which Allah Subhan O Talah advocating His Love , His care and His Mercy . O Muhammad (SAW) you are brightness of the entire universe.

Imagine a life without Sun:

  • What would Earth be like without the Sun?
  • What would happen to Earth if the Sun suddenly disappeared?
  • How long could humans survive on Earth if the Sun went out?

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