Major and Minor Priorities in Islam

Today we are going to start a new chapter of the Holy Qur’an . Chapter # 102 is Surat-Tu-Takasur(Arabic: التكاثر‎). In this Surat Allah Subhan O Talah is encircling those who are indulge in competition and love for worldly gains. And those gains formulize a curtain around them that they forget their purpose of life. Our […]

Categories of Losers in The Holy Qur’an

Today we will study Verse # 02 Chapter # 103 Surat Al Asr (Arabic – العصر‎‎). اِنَّ الْاِنْسَانَ لَفِيْ خُسْرٍ Indeed, mankind is in loss, By Word No. of Instances in The Holy Quran Meaning   First Placementin the Holy Quran Last Placementin the Holy Quran اِنَّ 643 Indeed Verse # 06 Chapter # 02 […]