Al-Kawthar >More than Enough in Quantity

We are going to start a new chapter of the Holy Qur’an .Chapter # 108 is Surat-Kausar (Arabic: ألْكَوْثَر‎).The pinnacle of Allah Subhan O Talah supremacy is encapsulated in this Chapter . In First verse , Allah Subhan O Talah is explaining his love and stance for Rasool Allah (SAW). In Second verse , Allah Subhan […]

Love for Rasool Allah (SAW)

Today we will study Verse # 06, Chapter # 93 Surat Ad-Dhuha (Arabic – الضحى‎) اَلَمْ يَجِدْكَ يَتِيْمًـا فَاٰوٰى By Word No. of Instances in The Holy Quran Meaning   First Placementin the Holy Quran Last Placementin the Holy Quran اَلَمْ 78 Pain , Sorrow, Auction Off Verse # 33 Chapter # 02 Verse # […]